The secret of Bacio Nero fresh pasta!

If you are a fan of good Italian cuisine, then you can't miss out the unique experience of fresh and homemade pasta by Bacio Nero! But what makes our pasta so special? The answer is the use of stone-ground flours, enriched with precious bran and a part of wholemeal flour, which makes the dish highly digestible.

Stone-ground flours are a treasure of Italian culinary tradition, as they preserve the nutritional properties and authentic taste of cereals intact. Furthermore, the addition of bran and wholemeal flour not only enriches the flavour of the
pasta, but also helps to make the dish lighter and more digestible, perfect for those looking for a healthy option without sacrificing the taste.

Fresh and express pasta is the result of a rapid and careful production process, which maximizes the quality of the raw materials. Thanks to the freshness of the ingredients and our chefs' expertise, each dish is an explosion of authentic and genuine flavours, which will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Whether you prefer a simple tomato sauce or a more sophisticated sauce, fresh and homemade pasta will give you an unprecedented culinary experience. Come and visit us and let yourself be charmed by the delicious and light taste of pasta prepared with love and care for your well-being.

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