Bacio Nero format

Meaning of the Brand’s Name Bacio Nero

Founders of the brand took care of every single details. The idea was to transmit originality and unicity even in the choice of the company name: Bacio Nero.

The logo Bacio Nero immediately catches the attention of the public with its unique and charming nature.

The founders deem the logo as a crucial component of the concept. The logo represents the black lips mark that a good espresso leaves in the espresso cup. From there, the name of the brand, Bacio Nero” Black Kiss”, comes.

For this reason, the logo is iconic, and it will remind the charming anecdote of the origin of the name Bacio Nero every time a custumer will enjoy a good espresso in one of our shops.

The format and the products we offer:

Bacio Nero created a format which proposes a wide range of products, such as: 

• ice coffees e cappuccinos
• Frappé,
• Special coffees and cappuccinos with different flavours
• Hot chocolates
• Cakes and single portions pâtisserie
• muffin and donuts
• tasty cannoli and yogurt gourmet,
• over 48 flavours of homemade Italian gelato,
• fresh pasta
• pizza and sandwiches. 

The variety of products that we propose allows to offer a fresh and high quality products for each time of the day, both eat-in or take away.

  • We have two different formats of Bacio Nero shops
  • All inclusive, the full range of over 400 items, starting from 150mq per store
  • Take away, starting from 30sqm per store. It includes the main products of Bacio Nero, prepared in front of the custumers in a show cooking format
    Bacio Nero shops are located in strategic position, such as city centers, pedestrian areas, rail stations, shopping centers or airports.
    Throughout the whole year, Bacio Nero shops propose different kinds of signature Italian dishes and Italian products, ideal for children, family or businessmen.

The Brand

Bacio Nero’s brand develops the network of franchising through the affiliation process. Join the Bacio Nero’s brand and send your application to our commercial team today. They will provide you with all the necessary information throughout the process. Bacio Nero’s shops are most appreciated to customers. Our clients love the over 400 products of the Bacio Nero’s line. If in your area there isn’t yet a Bacio Nero store, you can become one of our affiliates. Minimum requirements to become a Bacio Nero’s affiliated:
  • business ability to manage a sales point;
  • capacity of identifying a shop in a strategic position, 30-150 sqm minimum;
  • have a minimum budget of 250-350 thousand euros of investment.
If you meet the criteria above-mentioned, you can send your application to become one of our Bacio Nero’s affiliates.

Become our partner

Bacio Nero branded products are carefully selected. They have been created and studied in order to always achieve a quality which is 100% Italian fresh and homemade. What we want is for our costumers to be impressed by the unique taste of our products.

For a rapid growth of our web of sales point, Bacio Nero selects further partners to entrust the opening of new shops through the affiliation process.

Send your request to become a Bacio Nero partner

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