Delicious Dessert: Waffle Cone with Ice Cream!

For ice cream lovers, looking for a delicious and alternative experience, our waffle cone filled with ice cream is the perfect answer. Imagine wrapping your favourite ice cream with a soft and fragrant waffle cone, enriched with creamy cereal or pistachio creams, for a dessert that will satisfy your every sweet desire.

Our selection of different ice creams flavours offer over 48 different tastes to choose, ensuring a wide range of options for all tastes. Whether you prefer classic vanilla and chocolate flavours or want to explore bold
or more original flavours, like
pistachio, for sure you'll find the perfect ice cream for you.

But what makes our waffle cone with ice cream so special? In addition to the vast choice of flavours, the combination of a creamy and variegated ice cream with the crunchiness of the waffle cone is an experience that stands out. Every bite is a meeting between softness and crunchiness, sweetness and freshness, which will make you lose your mind.

Cereal or pistachio creams add a touch of refinement and originality to the dessert, making it even more irresistible for the most demanding palates. Choose your favourite combination and let yourself be transported on a journey of taste and pleasure that you will not easily forget.

Come and visit us and discover our waffle cone filled with ice cream, the perfect dessert to satisfy your every desire for sweetness and freshness. A frozen and irresistible experience that will conquer your heart and your palate.

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