Enjoy the Waffle Cone!

Imagine immersing yourself in a world of sweetness and taste, where every bite is an adventure for the palate. The waffle cone filled with hazelnut, white chocolate and pistachio cream is the answer to all your desires for sweetness and pleasure.

Our filling creams blend harmoniously to create an explosion of flavours and textures that will win you over at the first taste.

But the secret of our waffle cone lies not only in the raw materials, but also in the soft, warm and tasty dough that characterizes it. Every bite is an embrace of
sweetness, a caress for your palate that will make you lose your mind.

And what about our toppings? Delicious decorations that make each waffle cone a work of art to be enjoyed with the eyes, even before the palate.

Loved by kids but also for everyone, the waffle cone is the ideal mate to make every moment of the day unique and pleasant. Whether it's an after dinner pudding or a delicious snack, this waffle will win you over and give you a moment of pure pleasure.

Come and discover our waffle cone and let yourself be tempted by its irresistible good taste. An experience to be enjoyed and shared with the ones you love, because sweetness is even more special when shared with others.

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