To start up a franchised restaurant business with “Bacio Nero” is simple, fast and profitable. One of our aims is to reflect the real “Made in Italy” through product and design.

The preparation and sale of the product has been simplified that we can easy launch it anywhere in the World. The brand “Bacio Nero” created an exclusive format offering products that can be sold 24 hours non –stop in order to meet customer needs and requirements.

With “Bacio Nero” is simple to start-up the activity, to manage it and to produce, so the affiliate can to focus on selling products and on customer service.

The chosen products have been carefully selected and aim at young and less young consumers, succeeding in creating a peaceful atmosphere. The “Bacio Nero” range of products regularly changed and extended, putting in first place the high quality at a very attractive price. The brand choices and decisions based on strong and confident knowledge and experience gained over the years in collaboration with high professional figures.