Are you thinking of opening a coffee shop franchise?
Do you want to open an ice-cream parlour franchise?
Do you want to open a bakery shop?
Do you want to open a franchise restaurant?
Do you want to open a quick pasta shop?“Bacio Nero” is a franchise brand that includes all of these sectors, bringing Italian style products.Be a part of the Bacio Nero World and become a successful entrepreneur!
We are looking for franchises, who have the desire, the passion, the enthusiasm and will to use our trademark.Requirements of a sales point are as follows:

– Space of at least 20 – 180 sq.m
– Situated in the central and high traffic area of the city, airports, railway stations, shopping malls and similar areas.

Every day we select potential entrepreneurs with the objective of opening one or more sales points or signing a Master Franchise agreement for a specific area.

Our company is proud to make available our know-how, experience, useful tools to start your work as entrepreneur.
Please contact us for further information.