Worldwide recognition
“Bacio Nero” has received numerous awards and tributes, classified as “Best Franchisee of The World” for the gelato parlour and cafeteria sector. “Bacio Nero” also achieved important recognition in Milan at Stock Exchange Building. The achievements and the goals that are being achieved in recent years were the result of good work done by both the company and the affiliates.

Products with the style “Made in Italy”
The range of products of “Bacio Nero” line exalt the high quality and genuineness to make them healthy, balanced with a decisive and intensive taste. The secret of each product consist in the ability to exalt their organoleptic qualities, satisfying even most demanding palate.

Personalised Recipes
“Bacio Nero” concept introduces recipes specially created in order to simplify production process. Each product was studied and personalised for the network of “Bacio Nero” shops to obtain a unique product that distinguishes the brand. These studies allow preserving the taste of the product, and maintaining uniqueness and quality at any sales point in the world.

Business Objectives
The company has chosen to expand its network of points of sale through the search for affiliates and entrepreneurs with excellent management skills. Those who become part of the “Bacio Nero World” can also decide to manage and develop their own network of points of sale in a particular area, receiving our assistance and continuous training to achieve new business objectives.

Bacio Nero provides a management software in order to calculate and control the profitability and work of the sales point and reach the fixed objectives.

Choice of the location
Our team that will find the right location with minimum requirements to start-up the activity will assist each affiliate. The company will make analyses of the area chosen with the aim of identifying new locations to open “Bacio Nero” activity with high economic return and exponential growth.

Pre and post opening support
Our affiliates are entrusted to our high professional figures regarding the choice of location, planning of the furnishing and equipment, administrative and management choices, trainings, promotional campaign, marketing, opening and the next periodic support through further training.

Format “Made in Italy”
The “Bacio Nero” concept is a format offers different types of products to make profits 365 days a year and 24 hours non – stop. The “Bacio Nero” format is modular, based on the size of the premises and its’ position, the company will evaluate if open only with one type of product or with the full range of “Bacio Nero” products. Each product has been designed and developed for convenience of production and sales simplicity. The products chosen reflect the excellence of “Made in Italy”. The investment for opening “Bacio Nero” point of sale is proportional to the profit that will allow the affiliate to recover the investment quickly.