Franchise Expo Paris 2022, is the most important European event dedicated to the world of franchising.

Also this year Bacio Nero will be there from 20 to 23 March at booth L76 – hall 3, to present the Take Away Format!

A concept that does not need a laboratory, you will attend the show-cooking of our products!

Why join a Brand in Franchising?

Who can join a franchise?

Why Join the Franchise Expo Paris 2022?

The Bacio Nero Brand achieved important results thanks to the event “Franchise Expo Paris“, here some important data and results achieved in previous editions:

  1. There will be over 35,000 visitors from all over the world and our Brand has appointments with investors from the Arab Emirates, Qatar, Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Guinea and Egypt
  2. Every year, thanks to this event, Bacio Nero identifies new investors who open Bacio Nero stores in their city and thanks to this event Bacio Nero started to expand in Ivory Coast, Guinea, La Reunion, USA and Switzerland!
  3. Visiting and meeting our Brand will allow investors to identify the potential of our business, actually we built a “prototype” store, where you can enjoy our delicious products. There is no better opportunity to meet up close with the International Sales Staff of Bacio Nero Brand!

Why join a Brand in Franchising?

Every year, many entrepreneurs with the most varied profiles are launched into entrepreneurship thanks to the Franchising, experiencing great success!

By joining a brand, every entrepreneur acquires all the methods of production, sales and management, already achieved and tested to avoid negative experiences.

So those who affiliate to a Brand become part of a work system already studied and tested to achieve a high economic performance in their business. Franchising is also an ideal business model for those who want to become self-entrepreneurs or convert their businesses!

These are the reasons that push entrepreneurs to open stores branded “Bacio Nero” in their city!

We look forward to meeting you in Paris!

Ours is an Italian as well as Sicilian brand, which exports its concept all over the world, without geographical limits!

Who can join a franchise?

All those who want to realize a project or diversify their business can join a franchise!

The Franchise Expo Paris, is a privileged moment to ask all the fundamental questions, discover the advantages and requirements of the business model “Bacio Nero“.

Getting to the Brand Bacio Nero is Fast, Easy and Profitable, high economic margins from 300 to 700%!

Come and meet us, we are waiting for you at our booth in Paris from 20 to 23 March!