When you purchase on Bacio Nero Group Srl or otherwise use our web site, we gather and process your personal data. This document helps you understand which personal information we collect about you, how we do it, for what purposes we use your personal data and what are your rights in personal data.


When we speak about “Bacio Nero Group” , “us”, “we” or “our”, we mean Bacio Nero Group srl and our subsidiaries. We also use the term “disclosure” to refer to the privacy policy, “Web Site”, our applications and company web sites, Bacio Nero Group Srl is responsible for the processing of your personal data.


  1. Personal data: what personal information we collect and the purpose for which we use it.


  • Personal details


When you create a profile on the web site, your personal account will be automatically created on the Bacio Nero Group Srl (“Account”) and we will collect the following personal data about you:


– Your name and surname (information which will be made public)

– Your encrypted password securely

– Your e-mail address

– Your fiscal code

– Your address


These data are mandatory, what means that it will be not possible to buy on the web site if this information has not been registered yet.


You can also choose to add other personal data to you profile as: date of birth, telephone number, gender, city and country. This additional information will become part of your Personal Details.


  • Information from other services, including social networking sites like Facebook


You can connect your Bacio Nero profile to your social network account, as for example Facebook account or Google+ (“Social Network”). When you use this option, we will automatically collect certain personal information from your social networking profile. The information we collect depends on data that you made available on your social networking profile and on your personal information privacy on Social Media. Depending on your settings and selections, we collect the following information:


– Name and/or user name

– E-mail address


When you submit a connection request on the Bacio Nero page, we will inform you concerning what information we will collect from Social Network in question. You will receive this information before your request is executed.


You can choose to disconnect your Social Network profile from Bacio Nero Group Srl from your “Account”. At this point, Bacio Nero Group Srl will remove your unique ID number from your social network and will disconnect/revoke Bacio Nero Group Srl from your Social Network.


  • Cookie


Our web site uses cookies. Our cookies are used to identify your computer or your device, rather than you as an individual user, and they are used for various purposes.


For more information for the categories of cookies we use on our website and purposes of that use, please read the Section 8 below.



  • Your IP address, your browser settings and your position


When you visit our web site we register your IP address and your browser settings. IP address is a  numeric address for your computer you used to visit our web site. Your browser settings can include a browser type you are using, browser language and time zone. We collect this information, so as to trace the computer you are using, in the case of improper use or illegal activities with regards to the visits to the web site or use of it. Moreover, we use your IP to approximate your current position (city) and in order to indicate which our Terms and conditions apply to your use of the web site.


  • Newsletter and email summary


We collect the information you provide when you subscribe to receive our newsletters, email summary or similar information (we collect the information as: your name, your e-mail address and your preferences regarding newsletter). If you are receiving e-mail messages from us and do not wish to receive any more, access your “Account” and make changes to your settings to cancel your subscription.


  • For which purposes we are allowed to use your data?


We will use the information you give us to:


  • Offer our products and services, including to grant you to access to your account and to our s