The Bacio Nero Brand Presented A New Format Called "Bacio Nero Take Away". Click Here And Discover The Franchise Format Now

Occasion of the international event “Franchise Expo Paris 2022”, Bacio Nero Brand introduced a new format called “Bacio Nero Take Away”;

Which are the features of the new Format “Bacio Nero Take Away” Format?

This concept was designed for locations with sizes starting from 30 square meters, located in areas with high pedestrian passage, DOES NOT NEED extraction and laboratory. The format is identified by the production at sight and therefore is a kind of “show cooking” of the most representative products of the brand “Bacio Nero ” such as:

  • special coffees and cappuccinos (with various flavours such as mint, tiramisu, pistachio, caramel),
  • ice cappuccinos and ice cafés (with various flavours such as tiramisu, mint, chocolate, coconut, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, white chocolate, black cherry)
  • chocolates in different flavours like orange, amaretto, coconut, pistachio and traditional
  • waffle cone to be filled with hot creams and/or soft ice cream/frozen yogurt
  • donuts to decorate upon customers’ request
  • Sicilian cannoli
  • fresh pasta produced and cooked in 3 minutes only,
  • frozen yogurt to cover with toppings and grains
  • soft ice cream!
format take away bacio nero

For larger locations, you can also enter the sale of Italian artisanal ice cream, even with visible production! Over 48 flavours available!

This new concept delights our customers, offering an extensive menu with coffee drinks, sweet and savory products and delicious gourmet desserts!

What are the strengths of this Format?

  • Innovative and technological format;
  • Simplified production system without the use of frozen products;
  • Production at sight, that is Show-Cooking, of all products, laboratory is not necessary;
  • High quality of “Made in Italy” offered product;
  • Reduction of management and production costs (simple recipes and not highly qualified personnel);
  • High profit margins on each product from 100 to 700%;
  • Pre-opening training (all the staff will be formed by Trainers of Bacio Nero Brand directly in the store for a minimum of 7 days);
  • Training and post-opening assistance (after the inauguration, all the staff will be followed and assisted by the Trainers of Bacio Nero Brand, minimum duration 10 days);
  • Real time control of the activity through our managerial software (management of orders, warehouse, activity control);

What was the need to create this new format and what kind of innovation and system we created?

The Team of designers, together with the Research and Development Team, designed the new format “Bacio Nero Take Away” to meet the needs of those who have available locations in high pedestrian influx areas with sizes from 30sqm.

So the need arose to design this concept using machines and equipment that would allow in small spaces a simple and fast production for all the products offered.

The design also included a selection and choice of products for sale, to allow continuous receipts throughout the day and throughout the year regardless of climate change.

A detail not to be underestimated is that the production system designed at sight, does not require that the premises have a flue, in fact, the workstation for cooking the fresh Pasta has a suction system that transforms the fumes into steam.

format take away bacio nero

Unlike other concepts, this Format allows for each station to produce in an hour over 80 dishes of Pasta, the service time of each single portion of pasta is only 3 minutes, record time for the world of catering!

The cooking workstation has an automatic system: the baskets (used for cooking pasta) are associated with a cooking timer for each single portion of pasta and once finished, the automatic system will indicate that the pasta will be ready, then it can be sauteed and served to the customer.

With this system, the operator can simultaneously dedicate himself to the production and service of different products.

We also made simple the production of donuts, waffles and Sicilian cannoli, with the use of equipment that in a few minutes cooks such products.

In this way each customer can assist in the production of the product ordered, receiving an artisanal product of Italian quality.

Do you also want to open a store with the new Format “Bacio Nero Take Away”?

Spot a store located in an area with high pedestrian influx with size starting from 30 sq.m., send the floor plan in pdf format to our email address indicating your name and telephone number, you will be contacted by our Sales Staff who will provide you with all the necessary support to open a new store with the format “Bacio Nero Take Away” in your city.