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The Bacio Nero brand aims to export its format all over the world, the products offered have been carefully thought out and studied to have a 100% Italian, fresh and artisanal quality product. In addition to the study of design, the main focus of the Bacio Nero Brand is the choice of products that are put on sale; We want our customers to be impressed by the unmistakable taste of our products. For a rapid expansion of the sales point network, Bacio Nero identifies partners called “Master Franchising”, to entrust them with the expansion of the brand and therefore of the Bacio Nero sales point network for the territory assigned to them. Each Master Franchisee will identify potential entrepreneurs who want to become affiliates of the Bacio Nero brand for the opening of one or more stores.

Delicious Dessert: Waffle Cone with Ice Cream!

img-post-articoli-800-800-Cono-Waffel-con-gelato (1)

Enjoy the Waffle Cone!

img-post-articoli-800-800-Gusta-il-Cono-Waffel (1)

The secret of Bacio Nero fresh pasta!

img-post-articoli-800-800-Il-segreto-della-pasta-fresca-Bacio-Nero (1)

Fresh pasta: served in just 3 minutes!

img-post-articoli-800-800-Pasta-fresca-servita-in-soli-3-minuti (1)

Gift idea for lovers!

img-post-articoli-800-800_Gift-idea-for-lovers (1)

Romantic breakfast by..BACIO NERO!

img-post-articoli-800-800_Romantic-breakfast (1)
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